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4th Daresbury Questaal School


The 4th Daresbury Questaal school (postponed from 2020) took place 10-12 May 2022 at Daresbury Laboratory, UK.

4th Daresbury Questaal School

Topics covered

  • Formal presentation of DMFT as an exact method to solve a local many-body problem; embedding a local Hamiltonian in a nonlocal bath: successes and challenges.
  • Solvers for DMFT.
  • Two-particle local Green’s functions, and nonlocal response functions.
  • Formal presentation of MBPT: the GW approximation and ladder diagrams as the dominant correction.
  • Quasiparticle Self-Consistent GW: what it is; why it is needed; successes and limits.
  • Combining QSGW and DMFT. Spectral functions, spin, charge, superconducting susceptibilities.
  • Use of the Questaal and TRIQS codes.


  • The school was sponsored by CECAM (as a Flagship School), CCP9 and Psi-k.

Recordings of selected talks



 Tuesday 10/05/2022Wednesday 11/05/2022Thursday 12/05/2022Friday 13/05/2022 
08:15 coach to DLcoach to DLcoach to DL 
09:00–10:00 lecture: GW

(Mark van Schilfgaarde)
lecture: DMFT 1

(Silke Biermann)
10:00–10:30 coffeecoffeecoffee 
10:30–11:30 tutorial: QSGW

(Mark van Schilfgaarde)
lecture: DMFT 2

(Silke Biermann)
11:30–12:30(arrive)hands-ontutorial + hands-on: DMFT

(Swagata Acharya)
talk: Quantum Computing

(François Jamet)
13:30–14:30welcome & introduction

(Mark van Schilfgaarde)
lecture: BSE

(Brian Cunningham)
tutorial + hands-on: DMFT

(Swagata Acharya)
14:30–15:30tutorial: lmf

(Jerome Jackson)
tutorial: QSGW+BSE

(Dimitar Pashov)
lecture: DMFT solvers

(Swagata Acharya)
16:00–17:30hands-onhands-onlecture + tutorial: cRPA

(François Jamet)
17:30coach to Chestercoach to Chestercoach to Chester  
18:30–22:00  conference dinner

(Ring of Bells, Chester)

4th Daresbury Questaal School